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About Us

Since 2018

Primal Urge Tattoo Company was established in 2018 by Patrick Trepanier with the understanding that it would provide high quality tattoo art for interested patrons from around Manitoba and area.

Our studio accommodates to various individuals by currently offering services from 3 top-notch artists with a wide range of tattoo skills. We are also presently searching for a fourth tattoo artist to join our growing team of experts to keep up with demands.

We take pride in our efforts to maintain a clean and safe work environment for our staff and clients. With this comfortable atmosphere we can assure a tattoo transformation that leaves our customers at ease and satisfied with the whole process.

Our staff of artists are always here to provide any assistance in the customization of your requested tattoo ideas and designs. Please feel free to contact us for any custom tattoos or cover-ups you may need.

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